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Our BIGGEST SALE yet – Biltmore Inspirations ENDS Dec 15, 2012

Only 1 week left to go online and check out the BIGGEST SALE in Biltmore Inspirations…history. Get your piece of history….decorate your home on a budget!!! Do it for you….!! Do it for a friend!!! JUST DO IT…NOW before it’s too late. DEC 15th, 2012 is our LAST day online to buy.

We are blowing out the last items for everyone.

Call me if you have any questions…. 425-765-5433  Kelly KyleSpa-Basket[1]


Biltmore’s “Inspiration” line is going out of business on DEC 15th 2012.

Well, this is really a bummer…. Biltmore Inspirations, “home decor line”,  is going out of business way too soon. I feel like my hopes and dreams are being squashed and I am really bummed…as well as 1000 other women who were new to this big adventure.

They always say, “when GOD closes a door, he opens a window”, somewhere…. UNKNOWN author

I just need to find that window, and be happy about it. In all my travels and doings in my life, I feel I was waiting for an opportunity like Biltmore Inspirations to come along. I find my heart aching and breaking for the “what if”….and what could have beens. (DEEP BREATH)…. I know it will be ok…. but it SUCKS for the moment, and that’s ok too.

SO, for all you SHOPPERS out there, this is good news for you…  go to :  to get a SCRREMIN great deal at 40% – 75% off EVERYTHING!!!

Thanks, Kelly  ….. or email me at  Put BILTMORE in the subject line.

HURRY…don’t wait!

OCTOBER flair…with Biltmore Inspirations in the air

Warm sunny daytime breezes, cool nights, a chill in the air…..

This is definitely my favorite time of year. Colored leaves floating to the ground. Hot apple cider. FALL was just around the corner….but NOW…It’s here! Thank goodness!!!

Tonight at a party, Mom & I had a lovely time with new friends from her church. The pastor’s wife booked this party and 5 of her friends showed up.  2 people booked their own party for OCT & NOV. They wanted to get the Host specials coming up, AND, I don’t blame them, they are GREAT. Those 2 women might even be interested in signing up as new consultants, they certainly loved the Biltmore items we brought to the party.

I think this time of year, people get excited with NEW HOPE….and it is certainly in the air. With the economy starting to bounce back….and people looking towards new leadership in government. Peace and love are on the horizon….in the world. And thank goodness for that.

I don’t know about you, but all that gives me goosebumps….and it seems to always happen in FALL, Autumn time.  It’s a time of change, good or bad.  Change is the one constant…..change will ALWAYS happen.

   “Leave your troubles behind, leave them to GOD – he will carry them for you”  –   Kelly’s …inspiration, just for YOU!

I am planning a long 3 week trip on the ROAD TRIP. I will be going through Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, California…and who knows where else….the open road will guide me. I have a wonderful free spirit that loves to drive, and so I shall see where the wind blows me….I’m hopeful, maybe…to your town.  I can do a party, while I am there…what fun it will be to meet your friends and neighbors….And don’t foget I get to introduce you & them to Biltmore Inspirations. You get the host specials…& FREE product, &  I love it!!! My Goal is to GIVE  $500.00 in products away… FREE…while I am on the Road. Will you get some good stuff?…. I hope so.

See you on the road….    Kelly  see what’s NEW!  

Place an online order & get it shipped directly to you… now THAT’S, convenience.

SEPTEMBER 2012, Double host dollars for everyone.

Do you love to help people? ….. this is a special way to do just that!  HOST A Biltmore Party this month and you can earn DOUBLE HOST DOLLARS….and if you choose, you could give food or products away to your favorite charity… Now that’s a GREAT DEAL!!!  Party for a Purpose is always a GOOD idea! ANY month… just call me to get one organized in your neighborhood!

Here in this photo, are my “Party in a Bag” kits for hosts…everything you’ll need: 3-4 food items, paper plates, napkins, recipes, invites, catalogs with monthly special fliers, and company information for every host. It’s a whole lot a FUN! all in one bag…..ask for one, book a date, and just invite friends. It’s pretty simple.  Go to my website to see more:    or go to my Facebook page

Call me if you would like to chat…or would like some product information.   Kelly Kyle 425-765-5433

“Be Inspirational, Be YOU! …it’s the only one you can be”  ~ A Kelly original

Time to reconnect with friends and family

How many times do you say “let’s get together soon”… for me, too many times. How many times does it actually happen…NOT ENOUGH!

For you?…probably the same. Time seems to get away from ALL of us…no matter how busy we all are. Seems the holidays come faster and faster every year. Don’t you agaree?…

Time for us to say STOP…. smell the roses and feel the LOVE.

With Biltmore items in your home or part of your decore, you can feel confident that WHEN you do connect. You are sure to relax and feel the love. Book a party, reconnect like you need & want. BILTMORE INSPIRATIONS gives you that finnished look you are desiring, at a low cost you can enjoy. Let me help you make choices to “enhance” your decor and more…maybe evena little extra cash each month?… hold a charity fundraiser?… get your products for free?… the posibilites are all there.

Not ready to hire a designer? ok…..Have a party, get some items for hosting,  to spruce up your spaces. You will LOVE the feeling you get from the ooohs and awes, coming from friends as you get cozy, entertain and make memories together.

“Become the person your dog, thinks you are”…. enjoy life and all it has to offer.

Sept 8th, 2012… I HOSTED a big Biltmore information decor day. Ann Ashley came out from Asheville, N.C. to meet and greet people.  Food and products were given away ….Glad you made some time to come check out BILTMORE.

Contact me for more info or go to the website for an online catalog…and photos.

Kelly Kyle ~ 425-765-5433

New FALL ideas from Biltmore Inspirations, for you, your friends and guests

Image  The Olmstead Dinnerware collection is a wonderful way you can treat your guests to fine dining…right in your own home. The lovely oak leaf patteren and fall colors makes this a sure winner in any home. Buy 1 set of 4,  or all 8 place settings & save 30% this fall. Call me to place your order…and let’s find the right combination of WONDERFUL in your home now.

See the catalog online at  to see savings & new host specials.


Kelly Kyle  425-765-5433

Summer Parties and Wine tastings

It’s that time again…summer is in the aire…and flowers are blooming…all is right with the world. Booking a Biltmore Inspirations get together with friends to “catch up” is a perfect way to also do a little shopping…it’s good for the soul. I’m doing wine tastings, and summer parties like:

  • Lemon drops & Flip flops
  • summer sandals and sangria
  • Say “cheese” parties
  • a girly girl, Summer garden party

ALL are fun with an assortment of Biltmore foods, some cheeses, wine or juices. Just the right combination of easy & FUN. Need a little extra income this summer?… become a new consultant. You could earn a FREE trip and free products.

Whatever the party theme you pick…we’ll have fun and all your trouble will melt away, while re-connecting with your friends. Call me to find a date that works for you. 425-765-5433 Kelly or just email me at: